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I'm a wandering soul

And I got something to say my friends, I will never lay down without a fight

30 April 1990
About me

My fandom life started from Harry Potter and drarry and now it’s spreading to other fandoms like Inception (my great love), Suits (hot lawyers in suits <33), X-men (Charles. Eric.), Avengers (Tony stole my heart, what can I say), The Social Network (Eduardo is the cutest!) and TEEN WOLF. I have no words for my love for sterek and Dylan and Hoechlin and the whole cast. Not Jeff though, not anymore.
I study law (omg, graduating in May 2014) and really regret it during finals (no more finals now!), but still hope someday they will pay me for talking so much (so much hope, since I should start looking for a job now). I’m huge optimist, love reading and talk too much, but is okay, since my plan is to get paid for that, right? ;)

And I love to meet new friends!